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The Wake Forest Garden Club is proud to be the longest continuing community service organization in Wake Forest.  Since Susie Lanneau Powell presided over our first meeting in October of 1924,  the Club has gone on to survive difficult times and to manage great achievements.  


In 1926 the Club was one of the earliest garden clubs in North Carolina to become a member of the State Federation of Garden Clubs.  In 1933 the Club organized a junior Garden Club and established a bird sanctuary at what is now Paschal Golf Club.  During the 1940s the Club directed its efforts into decorating and furnishing the Wake Forest Community House and grounds.  After Wake Forest College moved to Winston-Salem in 1956, the Club suffered a serious decline in membership.  Rather than allowing the Club to wither away, longtime members rallied and kept the Club going.  Not only did the Club survive the loss of the College, but was instrumental in preserving the Calvin Jones House, now home to the Wake Forest Historical Museum.  Then in 2000 the Club became enamored with the Natural Gardens of Rockcliff Farm and worked to revitalize the B. W. Wells Association.  In recent years the Club has planted thousands of daffodils in the N. Main Street median, furnished and maintains large decorative planters for downtown Wake Forest, participates in community projects, and maintains the Museum gardens.  


Today the Wake Forest Garden Club continues our goal of community service - offering informative programs to its members, maintaining the Museum gardens, and searching out garden related projects to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of Wake Forest.

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