Welcome to Our New Blog!

This year we have a new website featuring a blog for our members. We envision this as a place to share information and expertise, to ask questions and to receive answers, to brainstorm creative ideas for adding beauty to our homes, yards, and communities by connecting with nature, being outdoors, and working in the soil. We hope to tap into the considerable gardening experience within our garden club group and to share this collective expertise with each other and with the Wake Forest Community where we live. Each month, we will be soliciting from our members volunteers to write a blog post on a particular area of interest or experience as related to some aspect of gardening: plant care, soil amendment, lawn beautification, flower growing and arranging, pest control, growing vegetables, seasonal chore lists- any number of topics! Anything that interests our members and is related in some way to gardening will be considered an appropriate topic to write about. We want this to be a shared space in which many of our members can contribute. We know that there is considerable knowledge out there and we want to disseminate it to the benefit of all. At our first meeting of the new season in September, we will be passing around a sign up sheet asking for people to take a particular month and commit to writing something for the blog. Have lots of gardening know how but little computer skill? No worries! Just write up your article on paper, or send it in an email, and we will post it to the blog for you. We know that some people struggle with the technology end of things, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from sharing many years of gardening knowledge. We want to preserve the legacy of wonderful knowledge that our members have accumulated over the years. So don’t be shy! Share the treasure trove of things you know about gardening. There is a whole community waiting to hear from you! More about this coming soon….

See you in September!