Aug 3, 2018



Size: 4-6' x 4-6'

Light: Full sun, part shade or shade

Soil: Provide deep moist soil with high organic matter.

Problems: None serious, but root rot can be an issue if over-watering occurs.


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  • Bloom time: February-May Bloom size: 2-3 1/2” Height/Spread: 18-24”/24” Site: Partial shade, well-draining soil Characteristics: Low-maintenance, deer-resistant
  • Black-eyed Susan (partial or full sun) Four O’clock (partial or full sun) Hosta (shade) Salvia (sun) Butterfly weed (sun) Shasta daisy (partial or full sun) Lavender (sun) Bleeding heart (shade or partial sun) Hollyhock (sun) Phlox (partial or full sun) Chrysanthemum (partial or full sun) Bee balm (partial or full sun) Aster (sun)      Painted daisy (partial or full sun) Clematis (partial or full sun) Basket of gold (sun) Iris (partial or full sun) Candytuft (sun) Columbine (partial or full sun) Coneflower/Echinacea (sun) Dianthus (partial or full sun) Peony (partial or full sun) Forget-me-not (partial or full sun) Penstemon (partial or full sun)

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